List of Pitchers to Pitch Perfect Games

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Major League Baseball

19th century

Pitcher Date Game
Lee Richmond (Wor)    LHP, 23    5 K June 12, 1880
John Montgomery Ward (Prov)    RHP, 20    5 K June 17, 1880

[edit] Lee Richmond

Scorecard for Richmond’s perfect game: “R-A” notation in fifth inning represents the 9–3 putout

Richmond was pitching in his first full season in the big leagues after appearing in one game in 1879. He was apparently considered a good hitter, as he batted second in the lineup. His perfect game featured an unusual 9–3 putout, with Worcester right fielder Lon Knight throwing out Cleveland’s Bill Phillips at first.[14] The play came on one of three balls Cleveland hit out of the infield.[15] Three outs were recorded on “foul bounds”: balls caught after bouncing once in foul territory (the foul bound rule was eliminated three years later). A monument marks the site of the Worcester Agricultural Fairgrounds where the game took place, now part of the campus of Becker College.[16] The feat was recognized as unusual: a newspaper report described it as “the most wonderful game on record”.[17][18]

[edit] John Montgomery Ward

Monte Ward threw his perfect game at the Grays’ park in Providence, but Buffalo, by virtue of a coin toss, which was the custom under the rules at that time, was officially the “home” team, batting in the bottom of each inning. At the age of 20 years, 105 days, Ward is the youngest pitcher ever to throw a perfect game. He batted sixth in the lineup. Beginning in 1881, the year after his perfect game, Ward spent more time as a position player than a pitcher; in 1885, following an arm injury, he became a full-time infielder.[19] The five days between Ward’s game and Richmond’s is the shortest amount of time between major-league perfect games.

[edit] Modern era

Pitcher Date Game
Cy Young (BOS)    RHP, 37    8 K May 5, 1904
Addie Joss (CLE)    RHP, 28    74 pitches, 3 K October 2, 1908
Charlie Robertson (CHW)    RHP, 26    90 pitches, 6 K April 30, 1922
Don Larsen (NYY)    RHP, 27    97 pitches, 7 K October 8, 1956
Jim Bunning (PHI)    RHP, 32    90 pitches, 10 K June 21, 1964
Sandy Koufax (LAD)    LHP, 29    113 pitches, 14 K September 9, 1965
Catfish Hunter (OAK)    RHP, 22    107 pitches, 11 K May 8, 1968
Len Barker (CLE)    RHP, 25    103 pitches, 11 K May 15, 1981
Mike Witt (CAL)    RHP, 24    94 pitches, 10 K September 30, 1984
Tom Browning (CIN)    LHP, 28    100 pitches, 7 K September 16, 1988
Dennis Martínez (MON)    RHP, 36    95 pitches, 5 K July 28, 1991
Kenny Rogers (TEX)    LHP, 29    98 pitches, 8 K July 28, 1994
David Wells (NYY)    LHP, 34    120 pitches, 11 K May 17, 1998
David Cone (NYY)    RHP, 36    88 pitches, 10 K July 18, 1999
Randy Johnson (ARI)    LHP, 40    117 pitches, 13 K May 18, 2004
Mark Buehrle (CHW)    LHP, 30    116 pitches, 6 K July 23, 2009
Dallas Braden (OAK)    LHP, 26    109 pitches, 6 K May 9, 2010
Roy Halladay (PHI)    RHP, 33    115 pitches, 11 K May 29, 2010
Philip Humber (CHW)    RHP, 29    96 pitches, 9 K April 21, 2012

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