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Or, if you will, insert School X here _______________.

It’s not — or, it shouldn’t be — a surprise to anyone that some college athletes do drugs. They’re in college, after all. But, the issue of drugs and student-athletes is still a relevant topic and a feature by Sam Alipour of ESPN The Magazine has a rather interesting look into what could be considered a “pot lifestyle” at the University of Oregon.

It’s worth a few minutes to read the article, which isn’t a shock and awe piece at all. But here are a few interesting snippets as it pertains to the UO football team:

The joint, to which he adds a dash of tobacco to make a spliff, is typical for this student-athlete. “Bongs and pipes mean more evidence,” he says. He lights up, kicks back and exhales a dense cloud. Normally, he’d pass the spliff to one of his Oregon…

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  1. I can’t help but wonder if the same writer who prematurely announced La Michael James was leaving (he had not made up his mind until after they won the RoseBowl) and who incorrectly reported Chip Kelly was leaving to go to Tampa Bay may in some way be connected with this article.

    In the last 2 years Oregon has been in the spotlight for a variety of off field issues. Now in the wake of what seems to be a nation wide pandemic of off the field legal issues, affairs, drug issues and arrest in college teams across the nation and in a relatively quiet and uneventful year at Oregon off the field it makes me think that they had to drum something up.

    Of course all the sources that were used in this article are completely confidential and the reporter declaring his legal right to protect such isn’t about to be held accountable for this really weak attempt of stirring the “POT”, pardon the pun.

    Wow, how did this interview take place, ya have to wonder, are you sure the reporter was lucid enough to get all his numbers and percentages correct! “Well lets see, ” maybe that was, uhhhh, oh hell, well this will get me some points”

    Really pathetic. This article could have been written about any college in the country.
    Has a scent of “Vendetta”.

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