NFL Proposed Rule and Bylaw Changes

Posted: March 27, 2012 in NFL

Here are some of the proposed rule changes discussed at the owner’s meetings

1.  Instant Replay will be determined by a Replay Official, not Referee

2.  Instant Replay by officials after all turnovers.  This goes hand in hand with the rule change to all scoring plays which was instituted last year.  It saved coaches challenges and timeouts.

3.  The Steelers want to get rid of the horse-collar tackle rule on quarterbacks in the pocket

4.  The Steelers would like to have the Post Season Rule be implemented into the regular season

5.  Kicking of an illegal ball which would result in lose of down

6.  Too Many Man on the field penalty

7.  Expanding protection of players who are the target of the crackback block.  Players can’t be hit high or low.  The emphasis will be to aim for the middle of the body.


Other Bylaw Proposed Changes

1.  Trade deadline moved from week 6 to week 8

2.  Change off-season roster size to 90 from 80 in years past (Last year it was 90 due to the lockout)

3.  Designate a Player for IR after Week 1.  He must stay on for 6 weeks before he can practice and can return to player after 8 weeks

4.  Rosters can go from 53 men to 54 if a player has a concussion.  The 54 man would be inactive and the roster would have to go back down to 53 once cleared the following Friday.



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