When did Teams Start Wearing Numbers ?

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Numbers
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The 1916 Cleveland Indians were the first team to wear numbers on their jerseys. The rest of the owners in baseball didn’t like that idea and Cleveland quickly abandoned the jersey numbers. It wasn’t until 1929 that they came back, when the New York Yankees started putting numbers on the back of the jersey. When the Yankees assigned numbers they were designated to players based on their number in the batting order, hence Babe Ruth being # 3 and Louu Gehrig wearing #4. By 1931, the American League ruled that all team should put numbers on jerseys and in 1932 the National League followed suit.

Here is a list of players who didn’t make the cut of wearing numbers

Cy Young

Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee

World Series Champion (1903 – First World Series Played)

Threw First World Series Pitch

Pitched a Perfect Game on 5/4/1904

MLB All Century Team

Hold Records for the Following_

511 career wins

316 career losses

7,354 2/3 innings pitched

815 career games started

749 career complete games

25 1/3 consecutive hitless innings pitched

Ty Cobb

 Worls Seriees MVP (1909)

8 Time NFl Batting Champion

MLB All Century & All Time Team



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