Asante On The Way Out of Philliy

Posted: February 19, 2012 in NFL

As February turns to March, it means a few things in the sports world:

1.  Spring Training Begins

2. The NBA Trade Deadline

3. The NFL Off-Season Begins

As an Eagles fan, who just watched Eli Manning lead the rival Giants to their 2nd Super Bowl Championship in five years, I get pumped for the off-season.  This usually means enduring the same thing year after year, going after free agents and then making a head scratching draft selections come the end of April.

This year might be a little different for the Eagles, as it appears that their two main objectives are to get DeSean Jackson under a long-term deal and moving Asante Samuel.  Samuel tweeted last night – asking his fans where they would like to see him go. Trades in the NFL are tough to gauge when dealing with trading for draft picks.  It appears Asante will warrant a pick between the 2nd and 4th round.  If the Raiders dealt a number 1 for Carson Palmer, then surely the Eagles could get a good pick for him. 

Trading for a pick is half of the frustration for Eagles fans.  The Eagles have a history of making selections that confuse Eagles Nation and it appears like we are gearing up for another off-season full of interesting possibilities


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