The March 4, 1986 issue of Sports Illustrated takes a look at baseball’s 36 millionaires and exactly how much they make. The average MLB salary in 2012 is $3,440,000, according to (Jerry Wachter/SI)
SI VAULT: Raines becomes baseball’s 36th million-dollar player (3.4.85)

The March 4, 1986 issue of Sports Illustrated takes a look at baseball’s 36 millionaires and exactly how much they make. The average MLB salary in 2012 is $3,440,000, according to (Jerry Wachter/SI)


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Sometimes you get the sense that some people don’t mind sparking a little disagreement.

That’s what Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader did with his cartoon, published in yesterday’s paper.

Pictured below, the cartoon shows a trophy case, supposedly that of Kentucky coach John Calipari, with vacated national championship spots.

It’s sure to spark some displeasure from those in the Big Blue Nation, and I even expect there to be some exchanges in the comments section below.

Here it is:


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And why wouldn’t it be, really.

Bobby Petrino was fired last month in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident that brought to the very public light some “shenanigans” involving a newly-hired female UA football staffer and the now-former Arkansas head coach.

For those with a morbid curiosity in these types of things, or simply looking for a good deal on a slightly-used Hog — the bike, not the… never mind — the two-wheeled vehicle on which Petrino and Jessica Dorrell crashed into college football infamy is now yours for the taking.

Petrino’s red 2007 Harley-Davidson is listed on a website called, which describes itself as “sell[ing] more than one million vehicles each year through VB2, our patented two-stage internet sales technology.”

The current bid in what’s essentially an online auction is $2,550.  The expected sale date is listed as May 30 of this year…

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Just as the Big 12 is on the cusp of signing at 13-year, $2.6 billion TV rights agreement, the ACC has inked its own extension that will put them in the same ballpark as the four richest conferences in college athletics.

In a release sent out today, the ACC announced an exclusive agreement with ESPN through 2026-27 that will increase exposure to the soon-to-be 14-team league. As it pertains to football, “extensive regular-season action on Saturday afternoon and nights, primetime Thursdays, three Fridays including Thanksgiving Friday, Labor Day Monday and the ACC Football Championship Game” is part of the coverage.

“We are excited to have further enhanced our partnership with ESPN through the extension of our multimedia contract,” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. “We are proud that ESPN has invested so deeply in the ACC both from a resource and exposure standpoint. As we look to the future, this relationship…

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I asked the above question last night on Twitter after the Devils had eliminated the Flyers, and the replies I got from my tens and tens of followers were practically unanimous.

“Yes and I am flabbergasted by that.” — @BAR_DOWN

“100% yes, and it’s not close. At least 3 goals in 7 straight games.” — @ComfortableCam

“Unfreakingbelievable we’re even contemplating such a question.” – @Hibackhand

Nobody called me crazy for asking.

Of the four other remaining teams — the Capitals, Rangers, Coyotes and Kings – only Los Angeles has managed to score consistently in the playoffs.

Now, to be fair to the Capitals, Rangers and Coyotes, the Devils got to play Philadelphia, a team that doesn’t mind trading chances. (Or, against New Jersey, just give them up.)

But what does it say that we’re even wondering whether a team that’s become synonymous with defensive hockey could be the most exciting…

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1945 – In the U.S., the wartime government ban on horse racing was lifted.
1961 – Jim Gentile (Baltimore Orioles) set a major league baseball record when he hit a grand slam home run in two consecutive innings. The game was against the Minnesota Twins.
1973 – Johnny Bench hit three homeruns in a game. It was the second time he had achieved the feat.
1984 – The Chicago White Sox beat the Milwaukee Brewers, 7-6, in 25 innings. The game took 8 hours and 6 minutes to complete.
1987 – Eddie Murray (Baltimore Orioles) became the first player to switch hit homeruns in two consecutive games.
1989 – Rick Cerone (New York Mets) committed his first error in 159 games as catcher.
1989 – Kevin Elster (New York Mets) committed his first error in 88 games as shortstop.
1993 – The Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers 112-104 in overtime to become the first NBA team to lose two playoff games at home and then come back to win three straight.
1995 – The Cleveland Indians tied a record when they recorded 8 runs before making an out. They beat the Minnesota Twins 10-0.
1997 – The San Diego Padres retired the #35. Pitcher Randy Jones had worn the number.
1999 – Marshall McDougall (Florida State) hit six consecutive home runs and knocked in 16 runs. Both records were set in the 25-2 victory over Maryland.
2001 – In Accra, Ghana, at least 120 people died in a stampede at a soccer match.

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